Pro Line Victoria cylinder

hot-stamping cylinder press. Sheet size: 730 x 1040 mm.

The Starfoil Victoria cylinder is designed to foil and emboss in one pass. With a print area of 730x1040 mm, it will run at maximum speed up to 3000 sheets per hour. Advanced technical electronics, including DC drive, give precise variable speed with electronic pile lift for accurate feeding and ease of raising and lowering the pile.

Safety features surpass current regulations and provide detailed information by means of fault indicators enabling the operator to isolate a specific problem.
Additionally, the Victoria delivery is totally open, for continual inspection whilst the machine is running.
The foil tray has been designed for a speedy change-over and versatility. A simple foil change is achieved by locating plates in the tray so that one reel can be changed at a time and then replaced in exactly the right position.

A double bar can also be placed in the tray for overlapping foil. There is a safety sensor on the tray to prevent the machine operating if it is inadvertently left open.
Each foil drive can pull foil to an accuracy of 0.1 mm running at any speed, and is pulled by processor controlled stepper motors, achieving perfect registration.
All programming is carried out via an operator control panel comprising digital screen and keypad, alternatively touch screen controls are available.

Temperature control is split into six individually controlled heater zones on a fully adjustable bed.
There is an option of a removable top plate so that jobs can be set up off the machine, drastically reducing down tine when setting up new jobs.

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