Value Line SBB cylinder

Hot-stamping cylinder press. Sheet size: 570 x 820 mm.

The optical sensor head provides signals for the software to ensure precise registration of hologram foil. This can be run with both foil rolls or in a tandem with a on-hologram foil. Easy access foil bar for mounting rolls up to 90 mm diameter 9305 m roll length)

Touch screen gives user-friendly setting of the foil pull unit. One piece aluminum heated honeycomb die clamping plate with 4 zone heating, each zone having individual temperature control. The hot plate can be removed to allow the machine to be used for die-cutting.

- High precision foil pull to minimise waste to 0.1 mm accuracy
- Variable acceleration and deceleration to suit all speeds, foil widths and layouts
- Travelling unit ensure constant foil tension
- 2 individually programmable drives

Machine options:
- Additional 3rd and 4th foil drive
- Hologram registration unit
- Foil Countdown in metres- this system will provide a warning that a foil change is required and is controlled via the touch screen
- Variable accel/decel and delay pull pulse - to provide accurate foil pull and prevent preheating of foil

Options for Upgrade to Pro Line SBB cylinder:
- Starfoil design professional heater bed
- 4 zones each with independent height adjustment