Starfoil 790

Automatic foil stamping and die cutting press with Mabeg Feeder. Sheet size: 790 x 560 mm.

Machine – main characteristics

§          Sheet size: 790 x 560 mm

§          Two 6 operator panels, one for controlling foil system and one for controlling the machine

§          Fully automatic oil system

§          Self diagnosis system

§          Robust construction

§          Precise, controllable and consistent pressure

§          Fitted with Mabeg vacuum feeder for ultimate stable feeding

§          Complies to CE norm

§          Transmission by means of A/C frequency converter, start-up and stop controlled by air clutch.

§          Machine controlled by PLC.

§          Independent temperature control for each heating zone.

§          Non-stop feeding and delivery. The machine is equipped with 3 longitudinal and 2 transversal foil pulling shafts.



Feeder section

§          Mabeg feeder with vacuum belt system. The Mabeg feeder offers quick set up and is excellent for light weight paper as well as board at maximum speeds

§          Paper range from 80 grs. - 1.5 mm

§          Non-stop feeder system is standard and offers efficiency for long production runs

§          Double sheet detection

§          Push and pull side lays

§          Electronic side lay control (optional)

§          Two electronic front lay controls

§          Vacuum pump for feeder included



Delivery section
Automatic non-stop delivery is standard



Foil section

§            Air foil separator suitable for large full area stamping

§            Blower unit to stabilize the sheets

§            Automatic impression throw-off

§            5 independently programmable foil advance shafts.
       Programmable in steps for foil advance optimization

§            Servomotors to control foil pulling

§            Adjustable dwell time

§            Fitted with 8 digital heating zones

§            Inner foil core diameter can be 1 (25 mm) or 3 (76 mm)

§            Hologram printing (optional)




§            Power requirement 26 kW

§            The machine requires air supply by means of a compressor, which is
       not included in the price of this machine quotation. On request we
       can make you a separate quotation for this required compressor.