Starfoil 80-HS

800 x 600 mm

STARFOIL 80-HS  automatic hot-stamping, embossing and die-cutting press 

Machine – main characteristics
• Sheet size: 800 x 600 mm
• Three operator panels, one for controlling foil system and two for controlling the machine
• Maximum mechanical speed 7500 impressions per hour
• Complete electric & electronical system
• Fully automatic oil system for both main machine and drive chain
• Self diagnosis system with indication on the screens
• Lock for the gripper bar can be micro-adjusted
• Gripper bars are made of special industrial aluminium with hardened grippers
• Full sheet detection throughout the machine
• Linear scale throughout the machine, both for paper and foil inspection
• Robust construction
• Pneumatic accurate main clutch
• Automatic impression on and off by servo motors
• Precise and accurate drive of the table
• Calibrated top table
• The chase is locked pneumatically
• Height of the table is indicated in millimetres
• Main drive chain equipped with security clutch
• Operator’s platform with steps and guarding
• Sheet inspection table with top lighting
• Precise, controllable and consistent pressure
• Fitted with the Mabeg feeder
• Standard 300mm raised frame for higher feeding and delivery capacity
• With table to prepare foil shafts outside the machine
• Equipped with E-stops
• Complies to CE norm.

Feeder section
• Feeder for quick set up and excellent for light weight paper as well as board at maximum speeds.
• Paper range from 90 grs. - 2.0 mm
• Non stop feeder system is standard and offers efficiency for long production runs
• Double sheet detection
• Push and pull side lays (operator and non-operator side)
• Electronic side lay control
• Two electronic front lay controls
• Possibility to adjust timing of the inlay
• Press bar
• Safety during lowering the feeder table
• Position of the feeder table can be adjusted during production
• Becker Vacuum pump for feeder included

Delivery section
• Automatic non-stop delivery is standard. The carpet moves in and out during production automatically
• Brushes in delivery for sheet slowdown
• Equipped with side and back pushers
• Security during lowering of the delivery table
• Paper insert device (included)

Foil section
• Air foil separator suitable for large full area stamping
• Blower unit to stabilize the sheets
• Automatic impression throw-off
• Device to feed new foil into the machine
• Equipped with shafts for foil converting with knives for foil slitting
• 5 independently programmable foil advance shafts
• 3 hologram registration units for printing registered holograms
• Servomotors to control foil pulling
• Programmable foil pulls and steps for foil advance optimization
• Possibility of preparing the foil rolls on the shafts outside the machine for installation into the foil module (table included)
• Programs can be stored in the central PLC
• Adjustable dwell time
• Timer
• Equipped with evacuation brushes for wasted foil
• Fitted with 20 digital heating zones controlled by Siemens PLC
• Detection system for foil breaking (12 units)
• Foil run out warning
• Inner foil core diameter can be 1inch (25 mm) or 3inch (76 mm)
• Machine can take up rolls as narrow as 20 mm without problems.

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