Romeyn invests in starfoil hot stamping foil machine

Press report in Packaging MagazinePress report in Packaging Magazinen & Foliedruk (part of the Bon Group), in Uithoorn, the Netherlands, wants to complete the increasing demand for finishing with foil stamping with the extension of a Starfoil hot stamping foil machine.
‘We notice an increasing demand for more luxurious packaging’, says Guus Kil, Director of Romeyn. ‘In the supermarket they want to stand out from competitors. We see this also happen in other market segments and in the increasing demand for print processing operations with among others foil printing.’

Rini Laros (lStarfoil - left) and Guus Kil (de Bron-Group - right)

Starfoil 106 automatic hot stamping foil and punching machine

The 106-HS automatic hot stamping foil and punching machine is equipped with a Mabeg feeder that is running both thinner and thicker materials at high speed.
Rino Laros, Operational Manager at Starfoil Technology, explains: ‘The feeder allows for a non-stop inlay and also the print-out of the paper is non-stop and works efficiently in long production runs. By the raised frame, the machine features a large paper capacity. In addition, large roles of foil with a diameter of 250 mm fit into this model, whereby less often a role need to be changed and this means less downtime during production.’
This model is standard-equipped with 3 hologram registration units + software. Brands use holograms on their packaging to ensure that consumers can check for product authenticity.

Installation and cooperation
Thanks to a perfect cooperation between the Romeyn team and the Starfoil staff the production with the new machine could start quickly.

We wish Romeyn a lot of success with their new hot stamping foil machine.

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Press report in Packaging Magazine

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Romeyn invests in Starfoil hot stamping machine