Service & Labour rates

Besides production and sales of machines and parts,
Starfoil can offer much more:

After buying a new machine, Starfoil can arrange full, correct and professional installation. Full instructions on how to use this machine are standard with each installation. On request Starfoil can also organize training programs for your operators on your new machine.

Maintenance and service of your machine
Regular maintenance and service of your machine is most important to ensure continuity of your production process. Starfoil offers maintenance and service by contract or on an incidental basis. Starfoil ensures that any electrical and mechanical machine problems are solved quickly and professionally.

Hiring machine operators / machines
Temporarily insufficient machine capacity or short of operators? Starfoil helps. Against interesting rates Starfoil offers you the extensive foil blocking knowledge of our people. Starfoil also offers a hot stamping machine rental service. For more information please contact our sales department.

Spooling and slitting service
Starfoil also offers spooling and slitting service. For your spooling/slitting jobs you can hire our stock spooling/slitting machines - with or without machine operator. Against prior agreed hour rates you can also hire one of our experienced technicians - either at your or our location. Please contact our sales department for the spooling/slitting service rates.

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