What is Cold Foil
Gloss foil transfer is a process in which aluminium, transported on a metalized polyester carrier, is applied on paper or cardboard in a conventional offset printing press without the use of heat. Adhesive is first printed on the paper sheet by means of the standard offset printing unit, while on the following printing unit the metalized coating of the polyester carrier is transferred only to the areas where the adhesive has been applied. The result is a silver or gold glossy layer on certain parts of the printed sheet.

What is Cast & Cure
The Cast and Cure process uses a holographic film in combination with a UV coating on any substrate to “cast” a holographic effect into the UV coating. While the holographic film, UV coating and substrate are in contact, the UV coating is “cured.” Then, as the film is removed from the substrate, the holographic effect is left on the surface of the material in the UV coating. Since there is no transfer of material taking place, as in cold foil, the film is re/usable.