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Johannisberg cylinder

Warmdrukfoliecilinder. Papierformaat: 730 x 1040 mm


A new bed is manufactured from high grade cast iron machined to accept precision ground plate to minimize distortion, with easy access for repair or replacement, should the need arise, ensuring minimum loss of production time.

The bed is heated with a high powered 9 kW six zone heater system, with PLC control using a Touch Screen interface.
An insulation system is installed to minimize heat transfer to the bed, so that wear and thermal distortion would be greatly reduced.
The cylinder is precision ground to high tolerance, providing a level surface resulting in a consistently high quality print finish.
Cylinder grippers secure the sheet during the impression cycle and provides ease of transfer to the delivery grippers.
A two foil pull unit, prepared for four pull as standard, glides on its own robust precision linear tracking system, each foil drive to an accuracy of 0.1 mm at any speed, and is pulled by processor controlled stepper motors, achieving perfect registration.
All programming is carried out via an operator control touch screen which can be programmed to the customer's specification and translated into most European languages.

High specification radial bearings are installed within the gear box to replace the standard bearings along with all new oil seals.
Quality engineered superstructure and fittings.

Interlocking safety guards allowing clear visual access along with other safety features that surpass current regulations and provide detailed information by means of fault indicators.
All panels finished in stainless steel or stove enamelled in the colour of your choice.
Each machine is completely stripped down and rebuilt leaving our factory as new and our comprehensive warranty demonstrates our confidence in our product.

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