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Newfoil 2500 Servo

The fourth generation of Newfoil hot stamping, embossing and die-cutting machines feature a complete revision of the electronic, control and mechanical systems. Integrated servo drives are now used to power all the dynamic functions of the machine, this can increase productivity by 100% or more, with reduced operator input, quicker set-up, reduced waste,  lower noice levels, data logging and much more.

Newfoil 2500 Servo machine specification 
Labelprinting machine with 2 printheads;
1 hot-stamping/embossing and 1 die-cutting/embossing, unwind, rewind, waste rewind.
Print area 160x160 mm
Diecutting area 160x160 mm
Max. web width 175 mm
Min. web width 13 mm
Max. roll diameter 500 mm
Speed (max) infinitely variable              up to 18.000 cycles / hour                            

Standard features:
  • Standard Features:
  • Colour Touch - screen (HMI)
  • Digital inverter unwind drive
  • with laser constant loop control
  • Variable electronic speed control (HMI)
  • Independant servo drive on each foil station
  • Foil saver / skip cycle
  • ultiplate brake on foil unwind
  • Variable start / stop timing of foildraw
  • Data logging / hours run, life total impressions
  • Micro-processor logical control system
  • 4 or 6 axis integrated servos
  • Servo driven - Hot stamp embossing and die cutting stations
  • Jog, inch and single cycle
  • Servo driven webdraw unit
  • Skip cycle for long / short web pulls
  • Three phase Rewinds with pneumatic dancing arm control
Optional features:
  • off site diagnostic monotring via ethernet
  • flexo coating station 
  • electronic web re-registration for multiple passes (set-up via HMI)
  • top and bottom printing 
  • over and under laminating
  • programmable sheeter / conveyor
  • rotary - back and rotary - scissor slitting
  • MKIV Hologram re-registration unit
  • Magnetic die holder plate 
  • UV flat screen
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