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Pro Line 1620 FLEX(S)

Wikkel-/slitmachine. Breedte: 1620 mm

Product highlights:
  • Designed specifically for the hot stamping foil distributing industry.
  • Machine produces good quality rolls in terms of rewind tension and roll edge profile at speeds up to 400 metres per minute.
  • Accommodates jumbo rolls two with a diameter of max. 1.000 mm and 1620 mm wide.
  • Rewind shafts with individual motors and clutch system that gives you the advantage of independent control of tension on each rewind shaft, thus making combined spooling/slitting of rolls with different diameter possible.
Tension control is fully automatic actual tension via load cells.

Machine options: 
  • Splicing table
  • Colour 10.4 inch touch screen
  • 6inch unwind air shaft
  • 3inch rewind air shaft
  • 2 waste rewind units incl. software
  • 1inch shafts with clampings incl. supports
Unwind type: 3inch / 6 inch� shaft size none-pickup from floor
Maximum roll width: Up to 1620mm
Minimum roll width: 100mm on 3inch / 6 inch
Maximum roll diameter: 1000mm
Core size: 3inch / 6 inch
Core holding: Compress to grip dual size mechanical chuck
Brake: Electrical powder
Shaft supplied: 1x 3inch
Main drive: Dual 100mm diameter “S� wrap diamond pattern rubber covered drive rollers
Main drive motor: 7.5Kw AC Vector type with encoder and cooling fan
Maximum machine speed: 400 metres/min
Length counter: Calibrated in metres. This system only requires a length input from the operator as the PLC system automatically calculates the slowdown point to stop at final length
Slitting type: Individual razor blades in air
Razor comb in / out control: Pneumatically operated with fine depth adjuster
In-feed slitting roller: Specially grooved rubber roller that removes any creases in the product before it enters the slitting section. This roller is driven
Out-feed slitting roller: Driven diamond pattern rubber covered
Trim removal (optional): Dual trim winders
Rewind motors: 2x 7.5Kw AC Vector type with encoders and cooling fans
Maximum rewind width: Up to 1620mm
Maximum rewind diameter: 450mm standard, 500mm optional
Minimum shaft size: 1inch
Shafts supplied: 2 x 1inch shafts (standard) + 2 x 3inch air shafts (optional)
Minimum slitting width: 10 mm
Tension control: Independent automatic load cell control of each rewind station  (lock core winding)
Tension range: 0.2 – 25 kg per shaft
Lay-on arms: Pneumatically controlled full width anti-static 40 degrees shore rubber lay-on rollers
Shaft support: Optional One set of 1inch clamping shafts incl. supports to enable full width slitting on 1inch ID cores (photo 7)
Finished roll unloading tree: Four shafted fixed position unit with 2x 3inch shafts and 2x 1inch shafts for material unloading
Operator interface: 10,4inch colour touch screen that controls all machine speeds and tensions.
Main machine frames: 40mm thick stress relieved certified plates
All steel work: Either electroplated or powder coated to prevent corrosion
Path rollers: Steel tube, balanced
Drive rollers: 100mm diameter solid steel rubber covered with diamond pattern
Roller bearings: SKF
Linear slide rails: SKF
AC Vector motors: Siemens
AC Vector controllers: Siemens
AC servo equipment: Brook (Trim winders)
PLC equipment: Siemens
Touch screen: Mitsubishi

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